The Unique Feature of Dinesh's House

  •   Good view of Annapurna Range
  •   Dinesh’s House is on the unique top of the small hill called Pachabhayia which separate both Lake Begnas   and Rupa
  •   The view of both lake Begnas and Rupa
  •   Can experience peaceful home stay staying in nearly equivalent facilities
    (western toilet and bathroom)of   Guest House
  •   Hiking to the Begnas kot, Rupa kot and Syaklung kot which offer   spectacular view of Annapurna Range, Lake & Village
  •   Might get opportunity to see monkey stealing  vegetables and fruits
  •   Can get much information of social custom by the former English   teacher "Dinesh" (ten year teaching experience)
  •   Can get organic vegetables from own garden
  •   Traditional type of house made of mud and stone
  •   Can get opportunity to see a lot of birds
  •   Organic coffee from own garden
  •   The guest house (home stay) is probable the oldest in Begnas, running for 35 years.
  •   It is just two minutes walk down to Vipassana (Meditation) center
  •   It is just 15 minutes hiking up from Begnas Lake Resort
  • Food


  •   Pan Cake/Chapatti with local
  •   Boiled eggs/Scramble egg/Fried   egg
  •   Omlette
  •   French Toast
  •   Musli / Porridge with milk


  •   Boil Potato/Brown Hash Potato
  •   Fried Rice


  •   Traditional Nepali Food (Dal-Bhat)
    vegetable from own garden
  • Beverage:

  •   Coke, Sprite, Fanta etc.
  •   Mineral Water
  •   Beer
  •   Tea
  •   Organic Coffee from own garden

  • For Peaceful Home Stay Contact to Dinesh 9849539439 (Dinesh) 061691981 (Home) 9841612789 (Dipa: Dinesh’s wife)

Guest's comments

Services we provide

  • » Homestay in peaceful location
    » View of Annapurna range & both lakes
    » Trekking & Tour arrangement through good travel agent
    » Hiking to Begnaskot, Syaklungkot, RupaKot
    » Organic vegetable and food from our own garden
    » Access to vipassana meditation center
    » Village Tour
    » Nature Walks
    » Boat trips on Lake
    » Traditional Nepali Food
    » Bag storage facilities for trekker

Contact us

Lekhnath-11, Pachabhayia, Begnas Tal Pokhara
Located only 3km from Begnas bus station

Telephone: +977-61-691981
Mobile No: +977-9849539439
Email: dineshkantaa@yahoo.com
Email: dineshhomestay@gmail.com
URL: www.dineshhouse.com


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