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About Us

Welcome To Dinesh House, A Guest House, at Begnas Tal, Near Pokhara

We invite you to come and stay in our family’s beautiful home which is easily accessible from the tourist hotspot of Pokhara and away from commercialism. It is a small (maximum 8 guests) homestay guesthouse perched on a hillside in a typical Nepalese village, with panoramic views of the Annapurna Range (Annapurna, Dhaulagari, Machhapurchhe and Manaslu), Begnas and Rupa Lakes and all the surrounding colorful forest garden and countryside. Why not stay off the beaten path and spend some days (or months as some do!) enjoying the simple beauty and natural peace of real Nepal?

Taking a seat or laying on the grass under the generous shade of a tree in our lovely garden, you will be surrounded by the sound of singing birds and humming insects, the sweet scent of flowers carried on fresh mountain air and perhaps the sound of village children playing. It is an ideal place to recharge in a quiet homestay environment with authentic Nepali hospitality, relaxation and wonderful views. You will experience exceptionally restful days whilst admiring the views and enjoying quiet nights and sound sleep.

You will be welcomed by Dinesh and Dipa, along with their mother Mohen Devi, daughter Sampada and son Sampanna, who are a local Nepali couple (both fluent in English) who come from the region and have been running the guesthouse for many years. They can help you find your way around the area and advise you in organizing local nature walks, hiking, boating and fishing.

For an additional price you can enjoy delicious daily home cooked breakfast and dinner prepared with fresh produce straight from the organic garden. For lunch, there are restaurants in the area or on your request we can make fried rice for you. We also produce Arabic coffee on the property so you can order our own home grown coffee too!

Though a family home, the guest rooms have a separate entrance for your own privacy, as well as a Western standard bathroom. We are available throughout your stay to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our homestay is perched on the outskirts of the village in a lively yet very peaceful spot. You can enjoy the rhythm of village life from the distance or get closer by taking a pleasant stroll along the village path.

For any supplies there is a small local shop in the village, otherwise you can walk down to the Bazaar in 30 minutes where you can find all kinds of local produce , fruits, drinks, sweets and even bread and pastries.

How to get Dinesh House?
Dinesh House is located near the well established Vipassana Meditation Center run by SN Goenka’s Organization Dhamma Pokhara and Begnas Lake Resort.

Buses leave every half an hour from Pokhara Lake Side and every 7 minutes from the Pokhara main town Chipledhunga which take 50 min. to reach Begnas Bazaar.

From Begnas Bazaar buses leave hourly up to Sundari Danda or a taxi costs around Rs 300. You can also take a direct taxi from Pokhara. If walking from the Bazaar, the walk will take around 30 minutes in total which is mostly uphill. To reach the guesthouse you should turn off the road at the Derauli Temple. At the temple entrance, turn right and walk along the village path for 7 minutes, and then up the steps at the sign ‘Dinesh House’. You can also get off the bus further along the main road at the Vipassana Meditation Center and follow the stone steps on your left side up to Dinesh House for 5 minutes.

If you want a scooter and local taxi on hire, tourist bus ticket to Kathmandu or local guide then Dinesh can arrange this for you.

Location Map

What to do?

Visiting Begnas on a day trip is ok but to really experience the area, you should stay over night. A part from the attraction of the lake, with its clear, unpolluted water there are also various short treks possible in the area, such as up to the spectacular viewpoints of Begnas Kot or Rupa Kot or Syaklung Kot that form part of the Royal Trek. You could of course instead just sit back and enjoy the view from the garden as seen in the photo at the top of page. Every now and again you could expect yourself a little in chasing marauding Monkeys away from our organically grown fruit trees and vegetable garden and see how your waste from toilet are used for fuel in the kitchen. If you would like to do Yoga, Begnas Yoga Center is also very close by.

An insider’s tip: If you are staying in Pokhara and plan to just make a day-trip to Begnas Tal, the best thing to do is to hire a motor bike and drive here, going up to Sundari Danda and around to the far side of the lake rather than stopping at the Dam area near Begnas Bazaar. The far side of the lake is more beautiful, clear better for swimming and as at the Dam, you can also hire a boat if you wish. Most importantly it also means you will pass by Dinesh Hosue on the way and have the chance to come for refreshment and we can tell you the best secret place in the area!

The Unique Feature of Dinesh House

  • Good view of Annapurna Range
  • Dinesh House is on the unique top of the small hill called Pachabhayia which separate both Lake Begnas and Rupa
  • The view of both lake Begnas and Rupa
  • Can experience peaceful home stay staying in nearly equivalent facilities (western toilet and bathroom)of Guest House
  • Hiking to the Begnas kot, Rupa kot and Syaklung kot which offer spectacular view of Annapurna Range, Lake & Village
  • Might get opportunity to see monkey stealing vegetables and fruits
  • Can get much information of social custom by the former English teacher "Dinesh" (ten year teaching experience)
  • Can get organic vegetables from own garden
  • Traditional type of house made of mud and stone
  • Can get opportunity to see a lot of birds
  • Organic coffee from own garden
  • The guest house (home stay) is probable the oldest in Begnas, running for 35 years.
  • It is just two minutes walk down to Vipassana (Meditation) center
  • It is just 15 minutes hiking up from Begnas Lake Resort


For Peaceful Home Stay Contact to Dinesh 9849539439 (Dinesh) 061691981 (Home) 9841612789 (Dipa: Dinesh wife)

  • Pan Cake/Chapatti with local Honey
  • Boiled eggs/Scramble egg/Fried egg
  • Omlette
  • French Toast
  • Musli / Porridge with milk
  • Fried Rice
  • Traditional Nepali Food (Dal-Bhat) vegetable from own garden
  • Coke, Sprite, Fanta etc.
  • Mineral Water
  • Beer
  • Tea
  • Organic Coffee from own garden